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African Salad - a portrait of South Africans at home

African Salad showcases the homes, stories and favourite recipes of 60 real South African families. The book offers a PR-free, super-real vision of contemporary South African culture. It is the product of a series of recipe-collecting journeys around the country by Cape photographer Stan Engelbrecht – the idea of publishers Stephan le Roux and Stan Engelbrecht. Each recipe appears with photographs of its creator, and his or her family and home. Together with text derived from audio recordings made during each house visit, and additional interviews conducted by writerTamsen de Beer, the recipes provide real insight into the lives of a range of everyday South Africans. African Salad purports to be a recipe book. Indeed, it features the favourite dishes of 60 South African families in a typical recipe format. But food, family and the concept of home are inextricably bound together in African Salad. Be it 'potjiekos', 'boerbrood', or traditional African beer, these recipes are a key to understanding who people are and where they have come from. The 264-page, custom-bound book features over 240 colour photographs and original illustrations by award-winning South African illustrator Ree Treweek.